Gym in the open

In the sport zone on the tower complex, visitors can use for free gym equipment. On the grassy field there is fitness equipment available to sportsman of all generations. Gym is built for relaxation and strengthening of sports spirit by practicing in the nature, which is healthier then practicing in closed environments. These gym equipment […]


Sports fields

At almost 1,000m2 at your disposal are paved multifunctional sports grounds. One court is for basketball and the other for football / volleyball. For audience and fans, there are wooden stands.


Ethno shop and cultural heritage

Ethno shop “Good Story” was opened at the entrance to the tower complex. On the shelves there are traditional handicrafts. In order to preserve the old and forgotten handmade techniques, domestic and foreign tourists can purchase traditional and authentic garments, souvenirs, wines, brandy, honey and other symbols, guards of cultural heritage.The corner placed on this […]


Souvenirs of Serbia

The Tourist Organization of Serbia opened an info-center and a souvenir shop located at the foot of the Avala Tower. The souvenir shop is intended for the promotion and placement of authentic souvenirs of Serbia, while the tourist info center provides information and advice related to this and other tourist attractions of Belgrade and Serbia.


Avala caffe

You will notice “Avala caffe” at the entrance to the tower complex on Avala. The pleasant summer garden and the modernly equipped interior of the cafe are open daily during the Avala Tower’s working hours. The capacity is 120 seats, and the pets are welcome too.


Children playground

U neposrednoj blizini ulaza u Avalski toranj, za najmlađe smo napravili igralište sa modernim dečijim spravama, gde zabava traje satima. Roditelji ili pratioci mogu da posmatraju decu uz osveženje u kafeu igrališta.


Museum, school, gallery of telecommunications

It is a unique space in Serbia, which is primarily intended for the education of high school students and students whose professional responsibilities are electronics and telecommunications, which can be attended by about 100 participants for the purpose of lecturing. The history of “Transmitters and communications”, the history of broadcasting in Serbia and world telecommunications, […]


Panorama bar

U kafe “Panorama baru” koji se nalazi na 119-om metru tornja, možete se osvežiti pićem po izboru i zasladiti najboljim kolačima u gradu. U jeku turističke sezone od maja do septembra, Panorama bar otvara letnju baštu na platou ispod tri kraka tornja.


Lookout at the top of the tower

Avalski toranj se nalazi na vrhu planine Avala, na 16 km južno od Beograda. Smešten je na nadmorskoj visini od 511 m. Sa vrha tornja se pruža pogled na čitavu Šumadiju. Toranj je prvi put izgrađen 1965. godine, po projektu arhitekata Uglješe Bogdanovića i Slobodana Janjića i služio je kao TV predajnik. Kada je izgrađen, predstavljao je najveću građevinu u tadašnjoj Jugoslaviji i na Balkanu.


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